This website is dedicated to the Parousia, otherwise known as the final coming of Jesus Christ.

the final

Do you know what Parousia is? Does it mean the end of the world? Or the triumph of Mary’s immaculate heart? A final judgement? How can we prepare well for this ourselves, the others and even the whole world? What is the role of ”Iskra z Polski”( “A spark from Poland”) movement in this preparation? Who creates this Spark and how to join it? How to read the signs of present? FOR THESE AND OTHER QUESTIONS, YOU CAN FIND THE ANSWERS ON OUR WEBSITE. WE KINDLY WELCOME YOU, DEAR READERS!

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"When I prayed for Poland, wrote St. Faustina (Diary 1732), I heard these words: I loved Poland especially and if it will be obedient to my will, I will exalt this country in power and holiness.
A spark, which will prepare the world for my final coming, will come out from Poland "


Father Adam- Children, so beloved by God!

Father Adam- Children, so beloved by God!

Children, so beloved by God-answer His expectations!

In today’s passage from Gospel, the resurrected Jesus asks with cordiality his disciples on the lake, returning after an unsuccessful fishing: "Children ...!" He prepared a wonderful breakfast for them: bread and roasted fish, but he asks them to put on the glowing coals also the fish they just caught.  Wherefore, they also participate in the miracle, bringing God the fruit of their work.


God is looking forward to something similar from you. He has the power to do miracles, for example, to send manna from Heaven, but since he calls for supplying lasting food, he knows why he is doing it at that time. This urge is quite common through visions, dreams and other signs, read by different people, even children. So, the gallop through the land of an apocalyptic rider with a bow on a white horse - the time of an illusory peace – ends soon, and the next three riders, symbolizing the war, hunger and aggression of Islam (the colors of horses: red, black and green), start their gallop.


Why is God so concerned about making supplies? Here are a few reasons beyond the most obvious one, which means the easing of famine.

  1. He wishes that in times of danger and suffering, caring for our bodies and for survival of your own and loved ones, would not put you out of balance and did not bother your head enough that you would not be able to pray. It is especially about 24/7 adoration of Jesus, in open-door churches. A man who’s frightened, rushed, feverish, on the edge of despair becomes only a "flesh"! So God wants to satisfy small needs of the body to serve better for the good of the soul.
  2. He also wants you to have a great contribution to Heaven, by saving the homeless, hungry, deprived of any  livelihood, and such will be crowds.
  3. His plans include a terribly hard test of faith in Hom, that he will show you through the activities of Antichrist during the greatest chaos and post-war poverty, this one will promise to you livelihood for denying his faith in God. May you not try to give him up because of hunger and not let him be fooled or let him bribe you with silver pieces like Judas did.

Last night (on the morning of May 5-th), both Tomasz and I we had an instruction. He saw a mighty demon, the prince of hell, released into the earth that night. And such a prince takes with him a whole army of demons who are listening to him! The next events will show what he is capable of: whether from the war or cataclysms, whether from hunger or from an epidemic or from something else. You can ask: why a demon, not an angel? Because the demon has attracted people with its sins, so it will work effectively. It seems that the huge crowd of people has gone in the wrong direction. If they went in the right one, then a just God would send an angel to the earth to make our planet better and even more beautiful.


As for me, I experienced the escape of priests from the house where they lived together. How difficult it was for these people, accustomed to a peaceful, safe and prosperous life, to set off with a backpack into an unknown, dark night! With great regret, they left their apartments, taking so little of them, taking off holly pictures from the wall, hiding the color (white collar) and other small items. If they had a family in the countryside, they were saved, but if only in the city, nothing would help them, cause the cities will not exist anymore. However, many did not know where to go. This time is coming.

In the near future, "Iskra z Polski" as part of the preparations for Parousia will appeal to the inhabitants of the village some practical tips, what should be undertaken now.