This website is dedicated to the Parousia, otherwise known as the final coming of Jesus Christ.

the final

Do you know what Parousia is? Does it mean the end of the world? Or the triumph of Mary’s immaculate heart? A final judgement? How can we prepare well for this ourselves, the others and even the whole world? What is the role of ”Iskra z Polski”( “A spark from Poland”) movement in this preparation? Who creates this Spark and how to join it? How to read the signs of present? FOR THESE AND OTHER QUESTIONS, YOU CAN FIND THE ANSWERS ON OUR WEBSITE. WE KINDLY WELCOME YOU, DEAR READERS!

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"When I prayed for Poland, wrote St. Faustina (Diary 1732), I heard these words: I loved Poland especially and if it will be obedient to my will, I will exalt this country in power and holiness.
A spark, which will prepare the world for my final coming, will come out from Poland "




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