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Strona poświęcona Paruzji czyli  OSTATECZNEMU przyjściu Pana Jezusa

26 February 2022

To People All Over the World!


To all inhabitants of the world: both those in the East and those in different parts of Europe; to those living overseas – on islands, in the deepest jungle, and even to those on the North Pole and on the South Pole. Brothers and Sisters living far from Poland, God has communicated to me the following words:


“Not a single human will be unaffected by the oncoming events.


That is why I turn to you to listen to the voice of God coming from Poland. Those who will listen to this voice may be saved. Although war is not yet knocking at your door, you were witnesses to the whole world being struck in a flash by an unusual “pandemic”. Until now God has shown me only few of the events to affect remote countries. I think, however, that if you respond somehow to this voice of God, He will show me much more in order to prevent you from what is to happen.


May God bless you. 



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